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Important upgrades to our Commercial Combined Insurance

From October 2022, our commercial combined insurance will cover multiple new trades including several niche industries. Many referral thresholds will also be significantly increased, so our broker partners can complete more business online without contacting an underwriter.

These enhancements, which form part of an on-going review of our policies, will make life easier for brokers and provide more opportunities to choose us.

Trades added to the 1,000+ we already cover:

  • Agricultural implements, machinery and equipment retailers 
  • Booksellers 
  • Electrical goods retailers 
  • Print shops 
  • Lampshade wholesalers 
  • Supermarket wholesalers 
  • Supermarket non-wholesalers

We will also continue to cover the most popular trades such as printers, computer traders, office risks, builders merchants, glass manufacturers, and wholesalers in air conditioning, groceries and stonemasonry.

Referral thresholds will be increased on the following and more:

  • Target stock
  • Floating sums 
  • Stock in the open
  • Clerical and personnel wage roll
  • Manual, drivers and warehouse wage roll

Extra trades can be covered via referral

If brokers cannot find cover for a specific business online, we can quote for even more trades via our underwriters.

Trades covered by referral include:

  • Bearing wholesalers
  • Camping and outdoor retailers
  • Machinery dealers
  • Metal component manufacturers
  • Plant nurseries
  • Precision metalworkers
  • Sheet metal manufacturers
  • Shops
  • Shopping centres
  • Window and door showrooms