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Introducing our new leading-edge motor claims partner, MPL

After reviewing our claims service and listening to your feedback, we’re delighted to announce that MPL Claims Management Limited will be our new claims partner from 1st January 2023. 

MPL’s digital platform will accelerate the reporting, validation and settlement of claims dramatically, and make the whole process simpler and easier to track. In other words, it’s exactly what you’ve been asking for. 

Here’s what’s changed…

A new digital service

You can now log claims online, upload documents within 3 minutes, and download key MI into common formats via cDap in just a few clicks. Or you can contact us by phone / email if you’d prefer to work the same way as before.  

Stay in the loop with ease

Use cDap to track acknowledgements, validations, and claim progress in real time without needing to call us. You’ll also receive updates automatically via email at key milestones. 

Less chasing up

MPL’s automated system means there are fewer touch points and less phoning around for you and your customers. You can easily find status information and download reports online instead. 

Faster Settlements

With online claim validations, plus 1 day and digital services also accessible to third parties, backlogs will become a thing of the past. This shorter claims lifecycle saves you time and hassle. 

And here’s what’s the same…

You’ll still enjoy first class support with quick response times. Don’t want to use the online facility? No problem. Our dedicated underwriters will be standing by to help via phone and email, too. There’s also an online chat facility should you need it. 

Need to file a claim? Check out our claims page for all the details.