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Agricultural Motor

Keeping rural businesses moving – We have been supporting agricultural clients for over 20 years now and appreciate just how much the details matter. Besides bringing you comprehensive products at a competitive price, we’re confident you’ll find working with us a simple, straightforward and rewarding experience.

We know how much your clients rely on specialist vehicles in this
industry. So to give you more options, we have created a comprehensive
product that goes way beyond the scope of a typical motor insurance
policy. With a long list of benefits to choose from, you can then build
your cover around the specific needs of your clients.

Key Benefits

  • 30 minute service level agreement

    Whilst many quotes are instant. We will respond to any referral made through our online platform within 30 minutes (during normal working hours) of it being received

  • Dedicated support

    Alongside our expert underwriters, we have dedicated claims teams and engineers available who know your
    business. With access to experienced advisers, you can be confident that your
    clients will receive the help, support and advice they need, for the duration of their policy.

Key information and benefits

  • Wide range of trades from large Farms to smallholders and consumer clients
  • Smallholders and consumer clients
  • Most diversified business accepted
  • Single policy for all vehicle types: cars, commercial vehicles, horseboxes & agricultural vehicles
  • No limit on vehicle numbers
  • Attached & detached trailer / implements
  • Fleet & NCD rated options, including free protected NCD for qualifying vehicles
  • Tracker discounts
  • Automated MID updates
  • Adjustment declaration for larger risks
  • Experienced team of Underwriters who are able and willing to trade
  • Bespoke trading relationships for large opportunities, portfolio transfers and the like


  • 24/7 claims line
  • Dedicated Agricultural claims team
  • Approved repairer network & use of industry expert claims assessors
  • Emergency accommodation & travel expenses cover for stranded driver and passengers
  • Uninsured Loss Recovery and Legal Services included

Risk examples within appetite

  • Farmers and Estates
  • Smallholders
  • Stables
  • Golf clubs and Hotels
  • Private clients
  • Agricultural and Forestry contractors
  • Vintage tractors
  • Young employees

Risk examples outside appetite

  • Carriage of goods and/or passengers for hire and reward
  • Vehicles used solely for leisure (other than vintage tractors / Horseboxes), or in connection with self-drive hire, racing, or the motor trade
  • Cars and Commercial vehicles in isolation
  • Supercars
  • Vehicles visiting hazardous locations

Policy covers

The following covers, are subject to various terms and limitations contained within the MS Amlin policy wording: Full details are available upon request.
Standard Benefits

  • Free Protected NCD for all NCD rated cars and commercial vehicles earning 4 or more years NCD
  • Compensation for medical expenses
  • Personal accident cover for severe injury to driver and passengers
  • Attached / detached cover for trailers / implements
  • Prosecution defence costs

Uninsured loss recovery and legal services is included as standard

  • Uninsured loss recovery, including legal costs and expenses
  • Legal fees incurred for representation if proceedings are being taken against you or any authorised driver or operator
  • Advice on personal legal matters within the laws of the European Union states
  • Advice on personal UK tax matters
  • Consumer Legal Services

Third party liabilities

  • Unlimited cover for legal liabilities where death or bodily injury caused to a third party
  • Third party property damage: up to £20M Cars / £5M other vehicles / £1.2M hazardous goods
  • Emergency treatment as required by the Road Traffic Act
  • Cross liabilities when policy is in the name of more than person / company
  • Insure any Principal the Policyholder entered in to a contract and are undertaking work for
  • Movement of third party vehicles that impede legitimate access of the insured vehicle
  • Unauthorised use of the insured vehicle by an employee of the Policyholder
  • Contingent cover for liabilities arising out of use of another vehicle for the Policyholder’s business

Third party fire and fire and theft cover

As per third party liability together with. loss of or damage to vehicle caused by fire, lightning, explosion or (attempted) theft, including:

  • Audio, visual and navigation equipment (including GPS)
  • New vehicle replacement
  • Lost or stolen keys, including replacement locks and alarm recoding
  • Child seat cover
  • Personal Effects cover
  • Emergency accommodation and travel expense compensation for a stranded driver and passengers

Comprehensive cover

As per Third Party, Fire and Theft cover together with, accidental damage caused to the insured vehicle, including:

  • Malicious damage / vandalism caused by another person
  • Incorrect fuelling and fuel contamination
  • Damage while in the possession of a member of the motor trade for service or repair
  • Damage while being driven for the purpose of manoeuvring or parking by an employee of a hotel or restaurant valet service or other parking attendant
  • Repair or replacement of glass and windscreen
  • Enhanced level of Personal Effects cover

Don’t have an MS Amlin Agency yet?

We’re here and ready to help. You can contact one of our Business Development Managers for assistance or get in touch with us for anything else. We look forward to hearing from you.

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